The Bucket List

Original Draft 11 July 2005 (Note: Some of the most personal goals have been omitted from this list)

Check markSee a rodeo (7/23/08 Days of ’47 Rodeo)
See a Broadway show
Check markSee a monster truck rally (1/4/08)
Go hang gliding
Check markLearn to snowboard (1/15/14 at Brighton Ski Resort with Elyse, Dan, Ron, Kari, and Danny)
Check markAttend a big concert (5/24/11 U2 in Rice Eccles stadium)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go bungee jumping
See a horse race
Check markSee a Major League Baseball (MLB) game (7/2/05 San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants in San Diego)
Ride in a helicopter
Visit the Coliseum
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Make a quilt (started Sept. 2012)
Check markPlay in a marching band (2006-2009 BYU Cougar Marching Band)
Make a formal dress
Write a song
Visit Mount Rushmore
Check markDrive a bus (10/13/10 in a parking lot)
Swim with dolphins
Check markLearn to golf (7/4/11 with extended family)
Check markGo on a cruise (5/30/14-6/6/14 from Seattle, WA to Alaska)
Check markAttend Brigham Young University (graduated Apr. 2010)
Check markServe an LDS (Mormon) Mission (summer 2009 in Nauvoo, IL)
Check markVolunteer in a homeless shelter (8/18/12)
Check markHike Mt. Timpanogos (7/3/06 to the cave, 6/29/07 to the top to watch the sunrise :))
Check markRide the Catapult (9/5/11 This is a ride, at a nearby amusement park, like a giant vertical slingshot)
Check markVisit Disney World (4/26/08 Epcot Center. Still need to see the rest of it :))
Check markGo on a blind date (1/2/08)
Check markRide a motorcycle (9/29/07)
Check markRide on a train (11/11/11 from Joliet, IL to Chicago, IL)
Go parasailing
Play (or sing) in Carnegie Hall
Go on a carriage ride
Learn to unicycle (work in progress)
Go kayaking
Check markPlay a bell tower (carillon) (12/19/09 BYU)
Check markGo snowshoeing (1/5/13 Big Cottonwood Canyon, Dog Lake)
Check markMeet a penguin (6/23/12 at a local aquarium)
See the northern lights
Go snowmobiling (partially completed – see That’ll Leave a Mark)
Learn to wakeboard
Check markBe a camp counselor (Summer 2012 Especially for Youth)
Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube
Check markBike 25 (or more) miles in one day (6/29/13)
Ride an elephant
Sit in a dunk tank
Check markEnter something into a state fair (9/10/13)
Make pumpkin pie from scratch
Smash a watermelon with a sledgehammer
Join a book club
Ride in a limousine
Go sailing
Learn to hula hoop
Touch all of the world’s oceans (have touched Atlantic and Pacific so far)
Make fortune cookies
Be in a studio audience for a television show
Go paintballing
Learn calligraphy
Ride a tandem bicycle
Ride a camel
Be in a musical theatre production (on stage instead of in the pit orchestra)
Change the oil on a car
Tip a waiter or waitress 200% (e.g., a $15 meal plus a $30 tip)

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7 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Lets go biking when you get back and cross off that 25 mile ride?

    • Bryce, absolutely! Except I’ve only been once since like October or November, so I may need to work up to it. Haha. That would be so fun!

  2. Aaron

    I know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, if you need tips.

    • I’d rather get tips than have to look it up online (which just feels like cheating, haha) 🙂

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