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I Can Go the Distance

I roped my friend Bryce into joining me on my newest Bucket List adventure: Biking 25 miles!

Saturday morning (June 29), I woke up at 5:30 a.m., hauled my bicycle into my parents’ SUV, and drove to Bryce’s house. And then we took off at the crack of dawn!


About 3 miles into our ride, I stopped to take a picture of the gorgeous sunrise

Our first 5 miles were almost entirely uphill, and I think my body went into a bit of shock at being woken up so early and then pushed so hard. But after mile 5, my legs finally worked into a rhythm, and the rest of the ride was great! As we rode down the Mountain View Corridor (just a small portion of our ride), we saw our first fellow bikers! There were bikers and runners all over the place in the early morning because the temperature was supposed to reach 104 degrees that day.

The biker in black is Bryce, biking very slowly while I stopped to take a drink and a couple pictures

The biker in black is Bryce, biking very slowly while I stopped to take a drink and a couple pictures

It was great to have a “hard core” cyclist with me on my ride because he kept pushing me. Starting at about mile 11, Bryce challenged me to maintain a 12 mph pace. Doesn’t sound impressive, I know – but my usual average is about 9 mph. I haven’t really paid attention to my pace or keeping it steady, but I was glad for the challenge. And I did it! I only dropped below 12 mph a handful of times during the rest of the ride.

Ta da! Total distance: 25.680 miles.


My cyclometer at the end of the trip. Side note: my good friend Elyse bought this little computer for me about a year ago, and I love having it!

Here we are, at the end of the ride! It took 2 hours and 20 minutes. I asked Bryce how long it would’ve taken him to do it alone, and he said he would have finished it in about half the time. haha. So I’m extra grateful for his early morning sacrifice and keeping me company. Also, please excuse the crazy hair. It’s one disadvantage to having my hair short – it looks ridiculous in a bicycle helmet…

Bryce and me

Bryce and me

I did it!!!

I did it!!!

You can see the whole bucket list here. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions! Happy biking!

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The First 15 Miles

I’ve chosen several items from my bucket list that I want to cross off by the end of 2013. Perhaps the most challenging of those is riding my bicycle 25 miles. For serious cyclists, 25 miles is nothing. Maybe one day I’ll be part of that crowd, too. But for now, I’m going to take baby steps until I can do it!

I’m young and in fairly good shape, though I don’t ride as much as I should. My typical ride around a nearby lake is about 7.5 miles. Yesterday, I rode a quick 5 miles through neighborhoods without breaking a sweat, which was pretty exciting. Then I made an intermediate goal to do 15 miles today – significantly farther than I’ve ever gone in my life, and double the distance of my usual ride.

I called my friend Michelle – who is very active and could probably do 15 miles without blinking when she’s at her peak. Conveniently (for me, who doesn’t bike particularly fast), this was her first ride of the season. We won’t mention the 1/2 marathon she ran last Saturday… haha. Anyway, she was excited to join me, so we packed up our bikes and headed to Jordan River Parkway. It’s a paved trail that runs alongside a river, and it’s pretty flat, which is great for my first 15-miler. Most of it looks about like this:

Jordan River Parkway Sign


For those of you who know the area, we rode from 12300 S. to 7800 S. and back. Unfortunately, around 9000 S., there are four blocks that are unfinished, so we had to go up to the road and ride alongside cars for a little while. On our way back, near mile 10 and during the time that we were on the road instead of the parkway, Michelle’s back tire went flat!

We¬†decided that I should go on alone to finish my 15 miles. I took her car keys (just in case she couldn’t get someone to pick her up), and in the meantime, she called her brother. I finished the last 5 miles at a faster pace than I’d been going the whole time! It felt SO good! Michelle’s brother picked up her car, drove to get her and her bike, and then came back to the park where we had started. I beat them there and waited for a bit.

My cyclometer read 15.29 miles!!!

2013-4-27 Bike Ride

I can’t quite cross off my bucket list item yet, but I’m well on my way! I’m a bit saddle sore, and I’ll probably really be feeling it tomorrow, but it was totally worth it. Will I make it to 25 miles before the end of the summer? You betcha!

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