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The Woes of an Avid Reader

I had an awful thing happen this weekend. I was reading what I thought was the third book in a series with four books. As I neared the end of book three, I could tell that the story was winding down more permanently than I anticipated (I compare the feeling to watching a TV show and realizing that it will be “To Be Continued” because they’re running out of time). I read the last page, then flipped to the front cover and discovered, to my horror, that there are, indeed, only three books in this series.

You see, every time I finish a book series that I love, I feel like a little piece of me dies – I have to say goodbye to the characters and the story. And, because I often read fantasy, I usually am saying goodbye to an entire land or world of the author’s creation. I have to find another book to read, or another series, or a new author. I’m sure my fellow book lovers can relate.

The series I just finished is called Beka Cooper. It’s one of four different series that author Tamora Pierce has written. All four series take place in the same land, though in different areas and different centuries/generations. I have read three of the four series in their entirety. The same night that I discovered Beka Cooper only has three books, I also discovered that I read all of these series in the wrong order – at least in the wrong order if you list the tales chronologically. I read the last series, then the third series, and then the first series.

So the question now: Do I read the second series by Tamora Pierce? Or work through my ever-lengthening list of recommended books from friends? Or re-read the Harry Potter series for the first time (I’ve read each of them once)? Or maybe steer away from the fiction novels altogether and do something crazy like re-learn Spanish?

Oh, the woes of an avid reader.

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