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Quirks and Confessions

For years I have been telling people that I get quirkier the longer they know me – and it’s true. I have strange quirks and unusual backstories that make for interesting topics when they randomly come up in conversation. I have compiled a short list of some of my favorites, all of which I am more than happy to laugh about. So here you go – 12 confessions and quirks from my life story. Enjoy!

1. The hidden talent
I have a talent for falling asleep anywhere. I’ve slept in nearly every building on my university campus, in cars, buses, and boats, on couches and hard chairs and stools, in libraries and in crowded airports. The most impressive feat was falling asleep while playing my trombone.

2. The inexperienced chef
It took at least three–and as many as five–tries before I correctly cooked macaroni and cheese. For the record, drain the water before adding the cheese powder. It works better that way, and you won’t spend the next 1/2 hour grating real cheddar cheese…

3. The hopeful innocence
I didn’t know reindeer were real animals until I was about 21. No, seriously. When my childhood hopes and dreams of magical people were dashed, they took reindeer with them. And then I saw one.

4. The OCD tendencies #1
I fold all of my candy wrappers before throwing them away. This is an extra strange quirk because it seems to rub off on people who spend a lot of time with me. Why several different people would pick up that one OCD habit when they have about 20 to choose from is beyond me…

5. The OCD tendencies #2
I have to wear earrings every single day. If I don’t, I am constantly aware of my naked earlobes (not embarrassed by them, but just a little distracted and annoyed). I remember calling my roommate once because I was on my way to campus for the day and realized I hadn’t put earrings in. She brought a pair to me so that I wouldn’t have to be aware of my lack of earrings all day. Had she not been available, I likely would have bought some at the Bookstore.

6. The drowning rat
I’m a terrible swimmer. I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine that went something like this:
Me: “I almost drowned in a wave pool once.”
Friend: “Really? How old were you?”
Me: “About…24.”
But the important part is that I haven’t drowned. Yet.

7. The naivete
I’ve never seen Inception, Rocky, The Dark Knight Rises, Jaws, any R-rated movie (Braveheart, The Godfather, Matrix, Schindler’s List…), and a host of other you-haven’t-lived-until-you’ve-seen-this type of movies. If half the world quotes it regularly, chances are, I’m out of the loop. My friends often give me the all-too-familiar look that asks, “Have you been living under a rock?” Conversely, I have seen just about every Disney movie under the sun.

8. The nickname
My college roommates from my freshman year all lovingly call me “Fat Katie.” It stems from a silly moment when my books and papers were taking up the entire couch (hooray for research papers)…but the name stuck. The friend who still frequently uses it has actually shortened the nickname to just “Fat.” And yes, I will answer to it.

9. The propensity for addiction
I’m avoiding Pinterest and Dr. Who like the plague because I know they will suck my life away. (And you’re suddenly realizing how much they’ve sucked your life away. Admit it.)

10. The fantasy nerd
I have a strange fascination for mythical creatures. My life history is littered with youth fiction fantasy novels and TV episodes of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Wizards of Waverly Place. The fascination (combined with a love of bats) earned me the nickname “Gothic Mormon” once, which is hilarious because I’m not gothic at all – I’m not even cool enough to shorten it to “goth” without feeling a tiny bit out of line.

11. The stubborn personality
It took five separate boating trips before I got up on waterskis for the first time. I never know if I should be embarrassed that I didn’t pick it up sooner, or proud of myself for persevering. Call it an innate stubbornness if you’d like – but it occasionally has its uses for things like learning awesome new skills 🙂

12. The predictably clumsy one
I broke two toes on my left foot by walking into a cinder block. Twice. The fateful incident happened about 30 seconds after saying, “I’m going to break a toe on that.”


Charles M. Schultz (creator of Peanuts) said, “If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”

What quirks and confessions do you have? Can you laugh about them?

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