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Though I’ve been physically active my whole life, I’ve never worked out. Before this week, I’m not sure I’d even stepped foot inside a gym, except perhaps for swimming. Even my bucket list doesn’t include finishing a workout program – learning to golf, sure. Learning to snowboard? Absolutely. Wakeboarding, snowshoeing, riding a tandem bicycle, and even biking 25 miles have all made it onto the bucket list. But I’ve never had any interest in working out.

So when my new roommate asked me to do P90X with her at 5:30 a.m. for 90 days, of course I answered with an excited “Sure!” Why, you ask? Because I’m insane.

P90X, also known as Beach Body, is an intense 90-day workout. The workouts range from 45 min. to 1 1/2 hrs. long and are designed specifically to kill you. Actually, they are designed to tone your muscles, improve your strength, and improve your balance. To some extent, you have control over how intense your workout is, but believe you me, it is not easy for newbies to the workout scene. It’s 6 workouts a week for 13 weeks, and we have elected to use Sunday as our rest day each week. We’re doing the P90X Lean schedule, which uses the same workouts as the Classic schedule but in a different order and with more emphasis on cardio. I think the idea is to tone your muscles without bulking up.

This morning my roommate and I finished workout number 9, and I tore off a link of the paper chain our friend made for us. That sound of paper ripping is surprisingly satisfying.

Don't be fooled - this thing is huge right now.

Don’t be fooled – this thing is huge right now.

My first week (last week) was rough. Once I made peace with the fact that my muscles would feel sore all the time (I’ve been told that this goes away at week 3), the workouts became enjoyable. The hardest part has actually been getting up in the mornings – which is why we’re using the buddy system and working out together. I am not a morning person. Side note: my roommate has been working out her whole life. We’ve been friends for two years, and she has accepted that if she wants to exercise with me, it has to be something like hiking or biking. I think we were both surprised when I accepted her offer to do P90X together.

I successfully completed the first three days of intense push-ups, cardio, and weight lifting. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, yoga made me nauseated. After some brief research (courtesy of Google), I discovered that this is really common with yoga beginners. It can be caused by stretching the vagus nerve – in the back of your neck – the wrong way (i.e., looking up when you’re supposed to be looking down). Since I was looking up to see the positions, it makes sense. Tomorrow is yoga attempt #2. We’ll see if goes better this time.

Yesterday, I was excited when I realized that I wasn’t sore at all. My hamstrings were a little tight when I moved in certain positions, but that was it. No sore back, no sore abs, no wanting to shoot myself in the foot. I was stoked. Then last night, I went ice skating with my boyfriend.

Activities like ice skating and rollerblading have never been particularly difficult for me. I can’t do anything special on skates, but I can stay up and at least look semi-graceful doing it. But last night, the front tip of my blade caught the ice, and I went down. Hard. It happened so fast that I didn’t realize what was going on until I was lying face down on the cold, hard, unforgiving ice. At that moment, I realized that my attempt to catch myself with my hands had been futile, as evidenced by the fact that my arms were sprawled out across the ice above my head, in true face-planting fashion. I seriously wish someone had been recording it.

The trouble is, it HURT. My right knee and left hip must have taken most of the blow because both of them feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat. How I managed to injure my right knee and left hip is beyond me…maybe yoga is increasing my flexibility, after all 😉 The good news is that the damage is surface-level – nothing is broken or torn. I actually fell two more times after that first painful fall, both due to trying to compensate for my throbbing knee. On the third and final fall, my boyfriend tried to turn around to help me up and ended up falling about 6 feet away from me. Hopefully we were at least entertaining for the other ice skaters 🙂 We gave up after only about 1/2 hour of ice skating and opted for watching Once Upon a Time at his apartment instead.

My roommate has informed me that I am not allowed to go ice skating again until January, after we have finished P90X. I guess she doesn’t want to lose her workout buddy, as gimpy as I may be 🙂

How I FEEL working out in the mornings

How I FEEL working out in the mornings

How I LOOK working out in the mornings

How I LOOK working out in the mornings

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