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Flying Solo

I leave for Ghana in less than two weeks now!

As I’ve mentioned, I have a tendency to have nightmares. Sometimes I don’t know what causes them, but many times, they are stress-related. I have more nightmares when something big is about to happen in my life. Saturday, I realized that I hadn’t had a single nightmare about my Ghana trip, and I was feeling very proud of myself for keeping my stress under control.

Then Saturday night, cue the Ghana nightmares. The strange thing was that all of them were about my flights to Ghana (missing flights, losing luggage, getting lost in airports, etc.).

Because of a minor flight time change a couple of weeks ago, I knew my flight itinerary would be different from what was originally emailed to me. So I hopped on the airline’s website to get my full itinerary and print it. I also wanted to take care of this sooner rather than later so that my stress would be gone and I would avoid another sleepless night.

Imagine my horror when I discovered that two of my connecting flights were gone. The flight itinerary had my return trip going from Ghana to London, and then…nothing. No flights back to the United States. I double-checked the original itinerary that was emailed to me in November, and the flights were there. London to Dallas, then from Dallas home.

Those who know me will attest that I’m a very calm person. Social, fun-loving, yes. But calm. At that moment, I was panicky enough that my heart was pounding, and I had a hard time even finding a number to call from the airline’s website. I eventually found it, I placed a call, and I explained to the employee what I was seeing.

He opened the file and had to put me on hold because he had never seen it happen before. Apparently one of my flights was bumped by a few minutes (I never received notification of any of my return flight times changing, which is odd), and it no longer left me enough time to transfer planes…so the rest of my flights were just removed. Go figure.

He booked two new flights for me–still from London to Dallas to home–and it actually removed two hours from my return trip. I will now get home two hours sooner and sit in airports for two hours less. Score!

Who would’ve thought I’d ever be grateful for nightmares?

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