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Dream Journal

I have always had a vivid imagination. Though most people outgrow nightmares, I still have them as an adult. However, I also have some pretty incredible dreams. A few months ago, I decided to start writing down my dreams in a “Dream Journal,” which is actually just an online document so that I can add to it whenever I remember my dream from the night before.

As I’m reading through my journal, there are a few entries I’d like to share, but we’ll start with just two.

Here is the first one, from 6/10/13 – the night before starting my new job:

My extended family (on my mother’s side) was lined up across a cement platform, about 2 1/2 feet wide, that extended from the shore of a lake into the middle of the lake. We were using tennis shoes tied onto the ends of strings to catch small crocodiles. The crocodiles bit the end of the tennis shoes, and then we’d pull them out of the water and set them in the water on the other side of the platform. I had the feeling that there wasn’t any specific purpose for doing this–we were just entertaining ourselves. Then a large crocodile swam up just as my niece Tessa (16 months old) fell into the water. Tessa landed on the crocodile’s head, and he started to swim away with her. My sister Shanna (Tessa’s mother) and I looked at each other. She said, “He’s got Tessa!” I said, “So go get her!” and Shanna replied, “You go get her!” So I handed Shanna my cell phone (strange that I was even holding it in my dream) and jumped into the crocodile-infested lake. I rescued Tessa and then experienced that moment of indecision where I didn’t know which was closer to me: the cement platform or the edge of the lake.

That’s where my dream journal entry ends for that day. How would you finish the story?

Here is the second one, from 10/10/13:

I haven’t been sleeping very well the past few nights, and it seems that my dreams are getting stranger and stranger to coincide with that. Last night, I was in a place that felt sort of like Epcot Center in Disneyworld, only without the rides. It had little areas of foreign-looking buildings. My brain decided that it must have been Ghana (even though it was nothing like Ghana). Then I returned home (again, nothing like my actual home). I ran my tongue behind my teeth, and about half of my teeth popped out! It was so traumatic! I was catching them as they were falling out and breaking off. I tried to figure out why they would be falling out and decided that it must have something to do with the foreign food I’d been eating. I called my dentist (I distinctly remember that I felt guilty because it was early afternoon on a Sunday, and I was asking him to work), then went to his office with my hands full of teeth that had fallen out. My dentist and his assistant put white crowns on my teeth, and the crowns felt really strange. I was hoping that they didn’t put the crowns on too quickly (instead of doing it right) so that they could get back to church. Also, at one point, my dentist said, “Katie, I told you we would end up doing this one day.”

I have so many others I could share! Maybe I will share a few more before the month is through.

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