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First Day

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? Mine was tough.

At the end of first recess, the bell rang, and all the other kids lined up outside by the door to their respective classrooms. But I couldn’t remember which door was mine. I didn’t recognize any of the kids in my class yet because I was extremely shy. One by one, the teachers opened their doors and led their classes inside. I couldn’t find my teacher. I wasn’t even sure I was on the right side of the huge (to a kindergartner) school building.

The next thing I knew, the teachers were inside, the kids were inside, the doors were closed…and I was outside. I must have been the world’s most panicky 5-year-old. I walked around the building trying to find the right door, but they all looked the same. So I found a big pine tree at the front of the building, sat down underneath it, and started to cry.

I don’t remember how long I was there, but I’m pretty sure it was a few days. Or maybe the world’s longest half-hour. Eventually, the janitor found me (side note: my mom used to help me write my stories in a journal when I was small, and I described the janitor as a “big fat bald man”) and took me inside.

To my horror, my classroom was empty. The janitor led me to the other kindergarten class next door, where both classes of kindergartners were gathered, and told my teacher where he had found me. I still remember her response: “Thank you. I thought I was missing one.”

And I haven’t been back to school since. 😉

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